Hand Therapy Center
Hand Therapy Center




Patient Diagnosis

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist. Musculocutaneous/Repetitive Strain, Hand, Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy. More info...

Occupational Therapy Programs

Hand Therapy, Shoulder Rehabilitation, Athletic & Repetitive Injuries, Ergonomics Program, Work Conditioning, Neurological Rehabilitation, Home Safety Evaluation. More info...

Occupational Therapy Services

Hand Therapy, Custom Splinting, Neuro Re-education, Body Mechanics, Job Site Evaluation, Ergonomics Training, Safety Education, Prevention of Injury, Work Simplification, Work Conditioning, Return to Work, Ergonomics for Musicians, Artists and Athletes, Arthritic Education, Activities of Daily Living, Independent Living Skills, Muscle Re-education, Equipment/Wheelchair Evaluation, Community Workshops. More info...


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